The fresh new Mahran given no resistance, rather detailing he try Akar-Deshu, a great Jedi Knight and you may close friend of Quinlan Vos

Propose to cut Vos [ ]

Using one nights, she thought one Vos’ assassins had been adopting the their house regarding an excellent pub and so ambushed her stalker, first attacking the individual with telekinetic Push just before holding the latest manage-be assailant-a good Mahran male-at saber-section. From the often of your Jedi Council, Desh wanted Ventress to ask to own her assist in retrieving Vos once more. Even when she is careful of new Jedi Acquisition and you can embittered against the brand new Council for their earlier work in order to hack their due to Vos, she offered to improve the Mahran immediately after taking stock of your own ridiculous state regarding their own lifetime in recent months.

Ventress observed Desh into Jedi Temple, in which the guy displayed her to help you Obi-Wan Kenobi and you will Anakin Skywalker and you will informed me that he got hired brand new Nightsister to greatly help discover and you can get well Grasp Vos. Even though Skywalker still stored strong resentment to have Ventress, Kenobi is sympathetic so you can their particular experience of Vos and you may agreed to simply take their until the Council which have warranty that zero reprisal manage end up being passed having their unique prior criminal activities. The five of those found its way to the new Large Council Chamber during the a conference ranging from Jedi Positives Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, and you can Plo Koon. The 5 councilors were shocked by the Ventress’ looks and all but Yoda easily rose and you will attained due to their lightsabers. Windu stored kind of animus into the previous Separatist and declared his intends to stop their own at that moment, however, are prevented of this by the Kenobi and you can Yoda.

Brand new Jedi agreed to hear their particular aside and you may first started thinking their own experience of Vos and you can what she got launched him in order to inside the thinking into try on the Dooku’s lives. Ventress admitted to having already been Vos’ spouse but rejected you to definitely she instructed your the methods of your own black side; alternatively, she had intended to show your merely inside the measured accessibility the fresh dark top so you’re able to prevent Dooku’s individual advantages, but eventually pushed him farther than designed hoping of most useful securing him. Immediately after battery charging that the Jedi have been together with complicit in the Vos’ slip, she said you to she nonetheless maintained the how to get a Bandung wife person but even their own fascination with your cannot attract their particular to help you rejoin the newest black front side.

In a closed-doorway appointment immediately following Ventress’ interrogation, the brand new Council debated their unique character in their most recent crisis. Whether or not multiple members of new Council nonetheless did not believe the brand new Dathomirian, their testimony confident Yoda and you can Kenobi out-of their own legitimate affection having Vos and desire to pick your saved. Inside the ability given that Grand Learn of your Buy, Yoda licensed Kenobi to guide Ventress and Skywalker towards the a purpose to recapture and you will receive Quinlan Vos. Just as it ended the meeting, the newest Council received an intelligence communique from Admiral Wullf Yularen, who were tracking Dooku and you can Vos and you may unearthed that «Admiral Enigma» is allegedly for the an excellent Providence-class Dreadnought en route to physical violence Taris about Outer Rim Areas. Due to their apparent address location put, Kenobi questioned Ventress to join him into goal. Whether or not she was still reluctant to functions alongside the Jedi in the one formal ability, she arranged after Yoda given their the full pardon having their unique battle crimes in exchange for their own work to recuperate Vos.

Conserve away from their own spouse [ ]

Ventress, Kenobi, and you will Skywalker remaining Coruscant onboard new Banshee and you will intercepted brand new Confederacy’s collection. On the ship’s effective cloaking unit activated, the 3 was able to browse from the Separatist armada and use Ventress’ expertise in Separatist defense rules so you’re able to end in the fresh new hangar off Dooku’s Providence-group Dreadnought. Ventress, with familiarized herself into watercraft throughout the their own date beneath the matter, led new Jedi through the boat to the connection, in which they expected to see Vos. The 3 attained the fresh new connection without being understood but was indeed surprised discover Dooku and never «Admiral Enigma» in charge of the brand new dreadnought. Kenobi and Skywalker instantaneously attacked the fresh new Sith Lord with his battle droid shields, but Ventress stayed invested in seeking Vos. Once failing to discover your in other places towards the bridge, she guarded Kenobi away from race droid criminals as Jedi Master featured the fresh new warship’s research logs to obtain their destroyed friend. The guy found that Vos had been becoming stored prisoner regarding brig, leading him and Ventress to think he had hardly ever really entered Dooku.