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It’s not bad at all, but several services are better, with Zoho Invoice in particular coming out ahead – in fact, it supports every feature mentioned here. I use the sending feature which is really great for letting people know how much they owe and giving that light, gentle reminder to finish paying it off. As well, you can attach a receipt to your expenses, which makes it simple for small businesses to keep track so they can write it off for their taxes. It can capture all the information needed on your invoices to make sure your clients completely understand what they are paying for. The result is a clear, professional invoice that accurately calculates all charges, and creates confidence and trust in your company or personal brand. Most of my clients pay with credit card using the secure link that is generated on the Wave invoice.

Get paid on time, every time with automatic payments for your repeat customers using the most powerful invoicing scheduler anywhere. When everything is neatly where it belongs, tax time is simple. Wave’s smart dashboard organizes your income, expenses, payments, and invoices. Connect your bank accounts in seconds with the Pro Plan. Our money management tools are easy to use separately and more powerful together. Save time when you send automatic payment reminders in your Wave account.

Data Used to Track You

These features help keep our invoicing, accounting, and business banking (currently only available to sole proprietors in the US) free. These features help keep our invoicing, and accounting, free. Our accounting and invoicing features are currently free.

  • These solutions are integrated within your dashboard and you’ll access them both through your single Wave login.
  • Accounting software like Wave can also seamlessly connect with your bank accounts so you can automate tasks like recording transactions and generating reports.
  • Wave also offers a bookkeeping service where your business can be assigned its personal bookkeeper, that will take care of the transaction categorisation and account reconciliation.
  • Turn on automatic payments so you can charge their card on a monthly basis after they complete the first transaction.
  • Create and send customized invoices, estimates, and receipts in seconds.
  • Switch between automatic and manual billing whenever you want.
  • I look at the dashboard and know how many invoices are on the way, when they should be paid, and the average time it takes someone to pay.

With limited availability, currently only for single-owner businesses in the US, Wave offers a business checking account with companion physical and virtual debit cards called Wave Money. The benefit of this business account is the built-in bookkeeping integration that connects to other features from Wave. Wave creates a breakdown wave invoicing login and offers expense tracking of your payroll expenses by employee and expense type for you. Under the timesheets section of the feature, you can manage hours to be paid to your employees. You can manage worked, holiday, and vacation hours in this section. Wave also includes a reconciliation tool to automate this process for you.

Pay per use (no strings attached)

Similar to other reputable cloud-based accounting software products, Wave encrypts the data you share with it and monitors its server facilities 24/7. After providing a few basic details about your business — name, type, currency you use, address — you’ll have instant access to your free account. Get your money faster when you offer customers the ability to pay directly from your invoices, starting at 2.9% + 60¢ per card transaction.

  • You can create invoices as well as estimates and track which payments were completed and which are overdue.
  • Sending easy-to-read, well-designed invoices can instill confidence and credibility in your service and expertise, and reflect positively on your reputation.
  • As a result, our Word invoice template is perfect for creating well-organized invoices that include all the details needed for you to get paid for your hard work.
  • Our (non-judgmental) team of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll experts is standing by to coach you—or do the work for you.
  • It’s not just for invoices, either, offering general finance management tools as well.

The invoice template is also extremely flexible, so it can capture every detail needed to ensure you get paid properly for the outstanding products and/or services you provide. Wave replaced about four different things that I was trying to set up for myself. It replaced spreadsheets for tracking payments, invoice templates—even the terms and conditions you can put on the invoice. Accounting software helps business owners understand how money flows in and out of their businesses. It replaces the time-consuming method of collecting receipts in a drawer and manually tracking revenue and expenses in a spreadsheet or with pen and paper.